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rent a kaiak or a Stand-up board

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Paraty alternative trip
Island Paraty
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Rent a kayak or stand-up board to enjoy a nice morning or afternoon in Paraty.

Enjoy the paradisiacal places in the bay of Paraty where you will take a stroll along the seashore, you can dive in warm and crystalline waters and marvel at the natural diversity of a Paradise, besides seeing the beautiful city of Paraty from a real angle spectacular and unique!

An easy, relaxing and very fun physical activity.

We have at your disposal individual kayaks, doubles, kayaks for fishing and stand-up paddles. They are stable, secure, comfortable and slide-on sit-on-top models. We have life jackets of all sizes.
Kayak and Stand-up are indicated for any age, and no prior experience is required.

BUSINESS HOURS: 09:30 am to 17:00 pm

WHAT INCLUDES: Practical instruction + Nautical and Safety Material. Professional guide/instructor

OPTIONAL :  Activity insurance available  

​WHAT TO BRING: Sunscreen, repellent, sportswear, bathing suit, cap, sunglasses and water. For those who want to take personal items, we recommend a waterproof bag and a waterproof cell phone cover. in rainy weather, raincoat

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