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Paraty tours: The best place to watch the sunset!

If you already came to Paraty, you know that this city is extremely rich in natural beauty such as beaches, waterfalls, trails in the middle of the Atlantic Forest, islands, mountains and so on. It is a complete tourist destination, which can please different tastes in just one trip.

Because of this diversity and in times of a digital era - for better or for worse, this is not the intention of this post -, Paraty has also become one of the most "instagrammable" tourist destinations in Brazil. At every angle your cell phone camera points, you will certainly capture a beautiful photo. However, I have no doubt that the most desired photo of all social media lovers is the sunset.

Capturing the moment that our beloved star says good bye in our city is an easy task, as there are several breathtaking options, but of course there are the "best spots" such as the sunset seen from the Paraty Fort; or in Trindade or even at the top of Sugarloaf Mountain in Mamanguá... just mentioning a few options, however, I'm sure none of these are as magical as the one seen from the sea.

Watching the sun flash over the silver water of Paraty Bay is an experience that will remain etched in your memory - or, if you prefer, in a stunning photo on your Instagram.

And the best way to get this photo is by kayaking across the bay. There is a tour that leaves every single day from Pontal beach and goes towards the Bexiga Island to observe the nature and wildlife that exists over there and then continues to Ilha dos Pássaros (Birds Island) and there is where everyone will wait to watch the most beautiful city's sunset. It's definitely one of the bests Paraty tours!

For more information about this tip and/or to schedule this tour, click on the button below:

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